Nic Getkate

Hey, 👋 I'm Nic

Copywriter by day. Newsletter writer by night. Based in South Africa, I love curating, writing and creating.

Currently ☕

I am the Founder and Curator of The Slice, a weekly newsletter that introduces founders, early stage startups, devs, designers and VC's to emerging SaaS, productivity utilities, and resources.

Freelance copywriter based in South Africa, with an international presence, focusing on writing copy for tech companies and SaaS products.

Growth consultant and conversion strategist, building and scaling tiny internet businesses.

Previously ⏳

Worked with International agencies such as Primal and the IMG Group.

Lived in Asia for 2 and half years where I started my freelance career in Bangkok.

Worked on The Growth List and CryptoWeekly. Most notably wrote The 100 Most Influential People in Crypto that got 52k Facebook shares.

Worked on IndieStack and helped grow it to one of the most successful niche private communities for Independent creators and early stage founders.

Interested in working with me? 🤝

You can get in touch with me here, by clicking this button thingy.